Hi, I’m Joelle!

And we are the Smiths, aka the Smittys. We just moved to a home on 19 acres along with my parents, our six dogs (collectively), and our seven chickens. It’s been a whirlwind, but I’m excited about the opportunity to bring many dreams to life! Our aim is to be able to hunt, fish, grow food, and raise animals right from our own property, with our children by our side.

My number one title and credential is Apprentice to Jesus. From Him, to Him, and through Him are all things. That is the lens through which I aim to see everything else. If I have nothing else of value to share on this platform, my prayer is that my journey illuminates His majesty and His holiness. He must increase and I must decrease (John 3:30) which is the only way I’ll have anything to offer.

I am all about traditional, intentional, holy living. Some of my favorite things are sourdough, raw milk, antiques, natural fabrics, and neutral colors. I love anything with the prefix “home” which includes homemade, homebirth, homestead, homeschool, home decor, and a big comfy couch. Okay, that one doesn’t start with “home” but it is a necessity in my opinion. Don’t forget the comfy, oversized knit blanket!

Follow along as we share our homesteading journey, favorite homemade recipes, DIYs, devos, bloopers, and faux pas. You might even see a cute kid or two…or three. May you leave inspired toward traditional, intentional living and disciple-building from the heart of the home.

joelle cherie

Where you can find us!

We’re mostly sticking around here for now. You can check us out on Pinterest and we’ll be dabbling with YouTube.